What we are doing


ALI has a committee that meets regularly to plan our program. We also have a network of members who act as resource people for ALI’s various activities. Our activities include:

Training in the Landcare Approach

ALI is interested in improving Landcare practice in other countries and has delivered many training sessions that are appropriate for overseas groups.

  • Landcare Masterclass, Zambia, December 2016
  • Study tour with Secretariat to Promote the Establishment of Landcare in Japan, November 2016
  • Climate Change and Landcare, Sebato Catchment, Fiji
  • Landcare Runnings – an Australian Landcare International project in Jamaica, 2015
  • Training workshops involving local departmental staff have been given to villagers in Tonga in 2013 and 2014.
  • ALI members were actively involved in a  further Master Class in Uganda in 2013
  • ALI members gave workshops at the 2012 New Zealand Landcare Trust Conference
  • African Landcare Master Class in Kenya in 2012.
  • Landcare training workshops for international participants to the September 2011 World Congress on Conservation Agriculture in Brisbane, Australia.
  • We also organised a short study tour for Thai officials who visited Victoria in July 2011 to look at the community impacts and actions resulting from soil and water salinity.
  • Japanese university students interested in landscape management have visited Australian several occasions in recent years  and were introduced to Landcare groups and projects by ALI.

Overseas Landcare Fund

We manage  the Overseas Landcare Fund where small grants of about $A500 are given to do projects carried out by established and new Landcare groups in developing countries. The program started in 2013 and we have supported projects in many countries to date. Funds often come from Landcare groups and networks in Australia along with private donors. Read more

Getting involved with Crowd Funding.

A crowd funding “platform” was created by Pozible (www.pozible.com.au/Landcare) to support Landcare and Environmental projects around the world. ALI has been at the forefront of this development and see it as a new way to encourage international Landcare through financial support of outstanding projects. The first international projects were announced in mid September 2014.

We are providing advice and guidance to new Landcare projects

This is particularly helpful in developing countries where access to support and ideas is limited. ALI members have made visits to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, the Philippines, Fiji, South Korea and the United States to discuss the implementation of a Landcare approach to sustainable food production and environmental conservation. There are good opportunities for Landcare to be an accepted mechanism for rolling out extensive programs under the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UMCCD), particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

Become the prime contact for international interest in  Landcare in Australia

ALI members have had long experience in government, corporate and NGO organisations and are in a good position to best respond to overseas requests about Landcare. We are starting  up a service for overseas requests for information about Landcare in Australia.   Contact us here

Have an effective way to provide information to international visitors.

ALI members welcomes visitors to Australia who are interested in the Landcare approach. ALI is often able to advise arrange for visitors to tap into the Australian Landcare experience at a personal level with farm and group visits.

Writing, editing and publishing

ALI members write articles and edit books on Landcare history and practices in Australia and other countries. Our most recent publication is Landcare: local action – global progress, produced with Landcare International . ALI members have written the official version of Landcare in Australia for each of the three International Landcare Conferences over the last 10 years.


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