Timor Leste

Land and Water Conservation in suco of Fatuquero

Director, Moises Charles and Program Manager, Leonardo Soares

20th March 2017

IMI has being working with Australian Landcare International (ALI) since 2015. The project that ALI supports mostly focus on soil and water conservation on upland farms. This project is essential to reduce natural disaster such as soil erosion, degradation, inundation, desert and climate change.

It will also contribute to changing local farmers conscious and practical approach from traditional farming system to new farming systems which are friendly with nature as agro-forestry. Agro-forestry is a farming system that is appropriate to adaptation to climate change.

IMI is carrying out this project in suco Fatuquero as a continues project from past projects that IMI carried out in 2015. Through this project, IMI will work closely with local community to conserve their land that are at risk from erosion every year.

The main objectives of this project are to:

    • Conserving the land and reducing land slide and erosion
    • Enhancing water infiltration into the soil
    • Conserving water spring for community consumption.

Resulting in two (2) hectares of community land already conserved with the various plants and:

  • Coordinated with land owners
  • Technical orientation to the local labor s
  • Organized the work in the field, assisted by IMI’s field technical
  • Monitoring and mentoring by IMI’s management team

This provides direct benefit to 4 households and 16 family members that actually own the two hectares land. It also provides benefit to other local community through technical adoption which could be expanding in the different area.

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