Overgrazing in Kenya

Over-grazing in Kenya has a devastating impact on both food production and soil conservation. Better land management to stabilise soils and the use of … [Read more...]

German Landcare

Cleaning out woody weeds from native reserves in Bavaria, Germany. Part of the German Landcare program to protect and enhance local biodiversity. … [Read more...]

LandCare Australia

ALI president Rob Youl (r) with members Mary Johnson and Jim Robinson load up native acacia  tree seedlings for on-farm planting. … [Read more...]

Catawba USA Landcare meeting.

Catawba Landcare Group is one of the first two Landcare groups in the USA. Based in the south western part of Virginia , Catawba Landcare group has a … [Read more...]

Landcare South Africa

Young people marching to create awareness of Landcare issues in South Africa. Junior Landcare is very strong in South Africa with many schools … [Read more...]

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