Papers_International Conference of Landcare Studies_Nov 2017_Japan

The following papers were presented at the International Conference of Landcare Studies_Nov 2017_Japan. They are all tabled in pdf format with permission from each of the presenters. We thank them all for their willingness to share!

[In order to upload some files, they have been greatly reduced in quality – our apologies for any ‘fuzzy’ images]

See the full Proceedings_Abstracts_1st International Conference of Landcare Studies_here

Session 1: The Critical Role of Local Self-Reliance in Achieving Global Sustainability

Keynote_Landcare_grassroots environmental governance for the Anthropocene_AndrewCampbell

More than 30 years of Landcare’ in Australia_LisaRobins

Community-based Governance for Global Sustainability_GrahamMarshall

A sustainable rural Landcare resourcing model_Paul Martin

Fostering the ability to look after our own backyard_Sonia Williams

Session 2: What Makes Local Self-Reliance Deliver on Sustainability?

Keynote_Keys to self reliance_Joseph Runzo-Inada

Key Concepts for the Autonomy of Local Community Groups and their Activities_Tomomi Maekawa

Landcare in Uganda Food Security and Livelihoods – Clinton Muller

Everyone Everywhere Landcare_Andrea Mason

Scaling up climate smart agriculture _Francis Steyn

Session 3: Landcare Practice Models and Pragmatics

Keynote_Landcare Praxis_Jen Quealy

Place-Based Education For Sustainability_Beatrice Dossah

Community led catchment management_Nick Edgar

Intrepid Landcare_Megan Rowlatt

Landcare Infrastructure_Rob Youl

Session 4: Landcare as a Transformative Agent in Crises (Including Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Keynote_Community as transformation agent and the temporality of disaster_Stewart Lockie

Lessons from the field_Mary Johnson

Skillset_environment_Ashley Bland

Landcare and a pond irrigation system_Kazuki Kagohashi

Session 5: Innovation and Risk Taking through Landcare Approaches

Keynote_Learning like crazy_Prototypes, heuristics and emergent practices_Ross Colliver

Landcare – leveraging the opaque to build resilience_Pip Job

Renewable energy and community_Tokihiko Fujimoto

Landcare-Caring for Country_Liddy Neville

Session 6: Systemic Change and Merging Discourses

Keynote_Cross Scale Stewardship Capacity of Community Based Resource Management Organizations_Yvonne Everett

The Meaning of Support_Kaye Rodden_Terry Hubbard

What might Australia’s ‘Landcare’ contribute to achieving the SDGs_Lisa Robins

Landcare as an Exploration of Means of Implementing the Principle of Subsidiarity_Michael Siegel

Strengthening National Governance Systems to Support Local Self Reliance_Allan Dale

Renewable energy and community_Tokihiko Fujimoto

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