Overseas LandCare Fund


LandCare’s expansion worldwide has been accelerated by our small projects fund initiated in June 2013

The fund is the latest initiative in the community-based land management change movement now working in over 20 countries around the world. The fund will provide small grants of $500 for overseas projects.


To help communities in developing countries, two Australian groups have launched the Overseas Landcare Fund (OLF):
Australian Landcare International (ALI)
Victorian Landcare Council (VLC)
with support from Bank Australia (formerly bankmecu), who will fund overseas funds transfers.

In the first year grants went to eight projects in the Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. The projects include plant nursery rebuilding after a typhoon, wetland protection, soil conservation, training for women farmers and re-vegetation. Recently further grants were given to groups in Tonga, Fiji, Uganda and Tanzania

Donors  include individuals, Landcare groups and Landcare Networks.

Projects Already Funded click here to see where the money goes!

To donate 

We look forward to further donations from Landcare groups, Landcare Networks and individual donors. For further information please contact     treasurer@alci.com.au


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