International Conference of Landcare Studies_Nov 2017_Japan

International Conference of Landcare Studies   
Global Resilience through Local Self-reliance – the Landcare Model


5-8 NOVEMBER 2017

This is the first world gathering of landcare academics and practitioners to discuss the theories, practice and pragmatics of the ‘landcare field’ and the role of landcare, localism, self-reliance, sustainability, rural and regional resilience and post-emergency and disaster recovery, for application globally.

The conference is being organised by Nanzan University Institute for Social Ethics, and co-hosted by Australian Landcare International.
Speakers include: Dr Joseph Runzo-Inada, Dr Tomomi Maekawa, Dr Kazuki Kagohashi (Japan); Prof Yvonne Everett (USA); Joseph Tanui (Kenya); Dr Nick Edgar (NZ); Gudmundur Ingi Gudbrandsson, Dr Andrés Arnalds (Iceland); Prof Andrew Campbell, Dr Paul Martin, Dr Lisa Robins, Prof Stewart Lockie, Andrea Mason, Dr Ross Colliver, Megan Rowlatt, (Australia) and other key thinkers. The lineup brings together a forum with an incredible depth of expertise on Landcare. They are keen to share knowledge, to ensure the continued development of Landcare as a global model, and able to assist with the growing challenges that are required by communities across the globe.

There will be pre- and post-conference tours to sites, with discussions and guidance from community leaders working on a range of post-disaster and more ‘regular’ Landcare activities.

Interested in attending or supporting?
• The conference has limited places for audience participants; if you’d like to register your interest in attending, please email the organisers (see below) for details
• The conference organising team is interested in raising extra support funding to assist Landcare practitioners to attend and share their knowledge – all enquiries need to go to the contact below:
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